Tokenization as a Service

Tokenization does not just require a tech solution - it requires extensive regulatory and compliance support. This is what Backed provides - a full tokenization service rollup to provide legal ownership of assets on-chain.

Available on 8 EVM-Compatible Blockchains
EthereumGnosis ChainPolygonAvalancheArbitrumFantomBNB ChainBase

Why Choose Backed

Backed has a proven tokenization framework that is trusted by large DeFi players. Backed’s product structure is an innovative way of bringing the benefits of real-world assets fully on-chain.

What Sets Us Apart

Legal Certainty

Backed tokens are legally enforceable claims with Swiss law precedent, giving you peace of mind in a complex regulatory landscape.

Immediate Liquidity

Integrate seamlessly with decentralized applications to enhance your tokenized assets.

Simple and Fast

Deploy tokenized assets quickly with our streamlined platform and user-friendly processes.

Why Tokenize

Increased Efficiency and Transparency

Reduce costs and improve transaction traceability.

Wider Market Access

Attract new investors with globally accessible tokenized assets.

Focus on Compliance and Trust

Leverage Backed’s ecosystem.

Proof of Reserves, a third party on-chain attestation of reserves in custody, and Oracles, on-chain attestation of token price available by Chainlink.


Service Offerings

Backed provides institutions with a flexible, efficient, and secure tokenization service tailored to their needs.

Tokenized Trackers

Select any publicly traded security or bundle together many. Backed can create a customizable token within weeks and have it blockchain and DeFi ready.

Tokenized AMCs

Your investment strategy as an on-chain token. Tokenized AMCs are an efficient fund alternative enabling settlement and ownership on the blockchain.

Tokenization Platform

For funds and financial institutions, we offer a turnkey solution that allows for the creation, management, and distribution of tokenized investment products.

Tokenize with Backed

Tokenization services for your on-chain investment strategy.

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