Backed's mission is to democratize access to financial assets via the Blockchain.

For the first time in history, internet-native money enables worldwide access to an open financial system.

And still, most financial assets are accessible only to those with a traditional brokerage account.

Backed Finance

Backed is about to change that, giving more people access to traditional capital markets.

Baked Finance


Backed Tokenized Assets

ERC20 tokens that track the value of shares like TSLA, AAPL or SPY, and are 100% backed by the underlying asset. A new asset class for the decentralized economy.

Backed Finance

In a digital world, assets are accessible 24/7

Built for Decentralization

Backed Finance 24/7

24/7 capital markets, no time off.

Backed Finance Compatible

ERC20 tokens, compatible with Ethereum wallets & DeFi protocols.

Backed Finance Fractional Trading

Fractional trading.

Real Value

Backed Finance 100%

Every token is 100% backed by the underlying asset.

Backed Finance Custody

All underlying assets are held by 3rd party, industry leading custody.

Backed Finance Value

Every token is redeemable for its underlying asset’s cash value.

Backed Finance Compliance

Compliance Led

Compliant regulatory framework, based on the Swiss DLT Act