Backed makes capital markets more accessible and equitable. We bridge real-world assets to a new, open financial system, adding to their value and changing how people trade, invest, and manage wealth.

Backed Finance


Backed Tokens

ERC-20 tokens that track the value of real-world assets, such as stocks or ETFs. Tokens are freely transferable across wallets, and are 100% backed by the underlying asset.

Backed Finance

Built for Decentralization

Backed Finance 24/7

24/7 capital markets.

Backed Finance Compatible

ERC-20 tokens, compatible with Ethereum wallets & DeFi protocols.

Backed Finance Fractional Trading

Fractional trading.

Real Value

Backed Finance 100%

Each token is 1:1 backed by the underlying asset.

Backed Finance Custody

3rd-party licensed custodians hold the underlying assets.

Backed Finance Value

Backed tokens are redeemable for their underlying asset’s cash value.

Backed Finance Compliance

Compliant regulatory framework, based on the Swiss DLT Act

Enable tokenized real-world assets on your platform

Backed is an issuing partner for tokenized securities for financial institutions, wallet providers, market makers, and exchanges.

Backed Assets GmbH - Tokenized Shares Issuer