We’re bringing TradFi to DeFi

Fully Backed, Tokenized Assets

The future of the global financial system is on-chain. Backed brings financial assets onto blockchain rails, enabling DeFi integrations and highly efficient global markets.

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Backed IB01 $ Treasury Bond 0-1yr (bIB01)
Tokenized Fixed-Income


Backed GOVIES 0-6 Months Euro Investment Grade (bC3M)
Tokenized Fixed-Income


Backed Coinbase Global (bCOIN)
Tokenized Equities


Tokenized Equities


Total Issuance Volume


Ecosystem Partners


Protocol Integrations


Supported Chains

Backed Tokens

Composable tokenized securities that track the value of RWAs such as Bonds, Stocks, or ETFs. Powering a new age of decentralized finance applications.

Built for Decentralization

Freely transferable ERC-20 tokens

Composable with DeFi protocols

Multichain support

Real Value

Each token is 1:1 backed by the underlying asset

3rd-party licensed custodians hold the underlying assets

Redeemable for the underlying asset’s cash value

Compliant regulatory framework, based on Swiss DLT act


We’re building an ecosystem for tokenized assets, working with leading DeFi protocols, financial service providers, and investment firms to realize our vision.


Backed provides institutions with a flexible, efficient, and secure tokenization service tailored to their needs.

Tokenized Trackers

Select any publicly traded security or bundle together many. Backed can create a customizable token within weeks and have it blockchain and DeFi ready.

Tokenized AMCs

Your investment strategy as an on-chain token. Tokenized AMCs are an efficient fund alternative enabling settlement and ownership on the blockchain.

Tokenization Platform

For funds and financial institutions, we offer a turnkey solution that allows for the creation, management, and distribution of tokenized investment products.


Both internal oracles and external Chainlink price feeds make our verified price data available on-chain, increasing the composability of bTokens. Chainlink Proof of Reserve enables users to independently verify the collateral reserves of our tokens on-chain.

Build on Backed

Backed Tokens are the next financial primitive. From collateralizing stablecoins and money markets to treasury management, our products solve common issues for on-chain finance.

The Backed Assets bIB01 (ticker symbol: bIB01) is a tracker certificate issued as an ERC-20 token, which tracks the price of the iShares $ Treasury Bond 0-1yr UCITS ETF.Backed Finance AG and its subsidiary Backed Assets (JE) Limited are not affiliates of or licensed by BlackRock Inc, BlackRock Fund Advisors and any of its affiliates ("BlackRock"). BlackRock is not responsible in any way for bIB01 products.
The Backed Assets bC3M (ticker symbol: bC3M) is a tracker certificate issued as an ERC-20 token, which tracks the price of the Amundi GOVIES 0-6 Months Euro Investment Grade UCITS ETF.
The Backed Assets bCOIN (ticker symbol: bCOIN) is a tracker certificate issued as an ERC-20 token, which tracks the price of the Coinbase Global stock.
The Backed Assets bNVDA (ticker symbol: bNVDA) is a tracker certificate issued as an ERC-20 token, which tracks the price of the NVIDIA stock.
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